AI and Election Disinformation: A Looming Threat

AI could ‘supercharge’ election disinformation, US tells the BBC

AI could ‘supercharge’ election disinformation, US tells the BBC

The US has warned that artificial intelligence is being used to create “deep fake” videos and spread disinformation around the upcoming elections.

The warning comes as political campaigns are increasingly turning to social media platforms to reach voters.

AI could potentially be used to create highly realistic fake videos of political candidates saying or doing things that never actually happened, in an attempt to sway public opinion.

The US government is urging social media companies to take action to prevent the spread of false information and deep fakes.

Officials say that AI could “supercharge” election disinformation efforts and that tech companies need to be vigilant in identifying and removing fake content.

With the upcoming elections being a key focus for many people, the threat of AI-powered disinformation is particularly concerning.

It remains to be seen how social media platforms and governments will address this growing issue, but it is clear that steps need to be taken to prevent the spread of false information.

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