BBC iPlayer Announces End of PC and Mac Downloads

BBC iPlayer to end downloads for PCs and Macs

BBC iPlayer to end downloads for PCs and Macs

Starting September 2021, BBC iPlayer will no longer allow users to download programs for offline viewing on PCs and Macs. This decision comes as the BBC aims to focus on delivering content through streaming services.

According to the BBC, the move is part of their strategy to streamline their services and adapt to changes in consumer behavior. With the increasing popularity of streaming services, the demand for downloads has decreased significantly.

Users who have downloaded content for offline viewing prior to September 2021 will still be able to access it until it expires. However, new downloads will not be possible for PCs and Macs.

While this change may inconvenience some users who rely on downloads for offline viewing, BBC iPlayer will continue to offer a wide range of content for streaming on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Overall, the decision to end downloads for PCs and Macs is in line with the BBC’s commitment to adapting to the evolving digital landscape and providing high-quality content to viewers.

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