Hate Crime Tracker in India Offline

This Website Tracked Hate Crimes in India. Then the Government Took It Offline

Recently, a website dedicated to tracking hate crimes in India was taken offline by the government. The website, which served as a valuable resource for monitoring and documenting incidents of hate-based violence and discrimination, was reportedly shut down due to pressure from government authorities.

Many activists and human rights organizations have condemned the government’s decision to silence this important tool for holding perpetrators of hate crimes accountable. The website played a crucial role in raising awareness about the prevalence of hate crimes in India and providing support to victims and their families.

By removing this website, the government has effectively silenced a critical voice in the fight against hate-based violence. It is essential that we continue to advocate for the protection of free speech and the right to information, especially when it comes to addressing issues as serious and urgent as hate crimes.

We must stand in solidarity with those who are working tirelessly to combat hate and intolerance in India, and push back against any attempts to suppress their efforts. The fight against hate crimes is far from over, and we cannot afford to let our voices be silenced.

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