Illegal AI Robocall Voices

AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Are Now Illegal

After countless complaints from consumers about receiving annoying robocalls with AI-generated voices, lawmakers have taken action to address this issue. As of today, it is now illegal for companies to use AI-generated voices in robocalls.

This new legislation aims to protect consumers from deceptive and fraudulent robocalls that use AI-generated voices to impersonate real people or manipulate individuals into giving out personal information. The use of AI-generated voices in robocalls has become a widespread problem, causing undue stress and frustration for many individuals.

Companies that continue to use AI-generated voices in robocalls will face hefty fines and penalties. The hope is that this new law will help reduce the number of unwanted robocalls and protect consumers from falling victim to scams.

It is important for consumers to remain vigilant and report any robocalls they receive with AI-generated voices to the proper authorities. By working together, we can help put an end to this invasive and harmful practice.

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