The Weighty Dilemma of the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro Is Heavy. Here’s How to Fix That

If you find that the Apple Vision Pro is too heavy for your liking, there are a few steps you can take to lighten the load:

  1. Use a lighter case: Switching to a lighter case can help reduce the overall weight of your device.
  2. Remove unnecessary accessories: Take a look at the accessories you have attached to your device and remove any that are not essential.
  3. Opt for a smaller screen size: If possible, consider downsizing to a smaller screen size, as larger screens typically weigh more.
  4. Consider a different model: If the weight of the Apple Vision Pro is a major concern for you, it may be worth exploring other models or brands that are lighter.

By taking these steps, you can work towards making your Apple Vision Pro more manageable and comfortable to use.

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