Tucker Carlson Day Sparks Russian Memes

Russian Memes Celebrate ‘Tucker Carlson Day’ After Putin Interview

Russian Memes Celebrate ‘Tucker Carlson Day’ After Putin Interview

Russian internet users have flooded social media with memes celebrating ‘Tucker Carlson Day’ following the recent interview between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the interview, which aired on June 28, 2021, Putin praised Carlson as a ‘smart person’ and a ‘real journalist’ during their wide-ranging discussion about US-Russia relations.

Since then, Russian netizens have taken to creating and sharing memes featuring Carlson alongside Putin, with humorous captions and playful jabs at American media.

One popular meme shows a photoshopped image of Carlson and Putin exchanging high-fives, with the caption: “Tucker Carlson Day – celebrating real journalism!”

Another meme features Carlson in a Russian military uniform, saluting Putin with the caption: “In Mother Russia, Carlson interviews you!”

While some critics have dismissed the memes as propaganda or disinformation, many Russian internet users see them as a fun way to poke fun at the often tense relationships between the US and Russia.

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